Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Just got back from a short trip to Barcelona, which was an amazing city. 
I didn't have time to draw all that much, but the ones I did turned out super advanced! 
Notice the lined paper, surely the choice of a pro. The style I used is what one of my teachers disapprovingly would call "beardy lines". The pen I used is a high tech ink pen that I found in our Hostal.

 A really fast sketch of my two travelmates.

A monkey. Always a monkey.

A beautiful night down at the harbour in Barcelona. There was some guys playing guitarr. A girl in a white dress passed by and just started dancing to the music.

It was a really inspiring trip, I have lots of ideas for paintings and sculptures now. By the way, I'm staying at my sisters house and I took some pictures of a sculpture I gave her for christmas last year.

My sister doesn't have Photoshop so I had to edit it in good old ms Paint. 

It's made of Super sculpy, fabric, string and wood.


  1. Och du är sjukt rolig! Jag ger din blogg 5 sangrias av 5 möjliga.