Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A lot of school and some other stuff too

Time to update this here blog! It's been a while now, I've had a lot to do with school and some other stuff. Like I made this painting for an awesome stop motion movie that two guys at school are making. They have a blog, check it out! It's going to be really beautiful and I'm really happy I get to help them out.

In school we have a lot of assignments at once, both character and effects. This is a film of our last one, which was to put in some 3D models of a teapot and a cup in some live footage. The problem was that I did quite a bad job tracking the thing so my models skids around like disney on ice. Well, I guess you gotta start somewhere. :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

You can't spell particles without "party"!

Life is pretty sweet right now. I'm taking two new classes; Characters and Dynamics.
In the characters class we've been handed concepts that we're supposed to base our 3D models on. I got a pretty generic main character type of guy, who I named Frank. You can check the progress on Frank out by clicking this here link..

And I also tried out a tutorial on fariedust, using sprite particles, which is featured above. I didn't think I would like dynamics as much as I do, but maaaaan.. I do.